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Corsair Vs. The Competition

The Lincoln Corsair

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair is a small luxury SUV that packs a punch with athletic design, intelligent technology, a variety of ways to express your style and available Auto Air Refresh to help make the journey a breath of fresh air. Curated for those who work hard and play hard, the Corsair is ready for a calm daily commute or a spontaneous uncharted journey.

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2023 Lincoln Corsair

Understand what makes the 2023 Lincoln Corsair stand out from the rest. Here are some standard features of the Nautilus!

Lincoln Drive modes

Decide whether you prefer to unwind, conserve fuel, or feel energized, you can select the drive mode that suits you.

2.0L Turbocharged I-4

Each drive will be as smooth as possible with a whisper-quiet engine, providing excellent fuel economy and Auto Start-Stop Technology.

Active Noise Control

The Corsair uses acoustically engineered cabin noise to cancel out certain frequencies, reducing unwanted noise.


13.2″ Centre Screen

Find the pinnacle of tech at your fingertips with the addition of this massive and highly functional screen featuring Sync 4®.

Power Liftgate

Loading your Corsair is as seamless as ever with the assistance of the power liftgate.

Acoustic Laminated Glass

The Corsair was built for separating you from the busy world. You’ll find the Acoustic Laminated Glass will greatly reduce outside noise like wind and traffic.

Considering The Competition?

Learn why the 2023 Lincoln Corsair is an advantageous choice. Find information on each vehicle below, and read how the 2023 Lincoln Corsair stacks up against them!


Acura RDX

Starting at $57,206

Compare Acrua RDX

Lexus NX

Starting at $51,982.20

Compare Lexus NX
2020-audi-q3-106-1564424587 (1)

Audi Q3

Starting at $43,100

Compare Audi Q3

Cadillac XT4

Starting at $41,097

Compare Cadillac XT4

Features of the Acura RDX

Acura focuses on building a recognizable look across its lineup, sharing similar styling queues. The RDX has been around since 2006 and has actually kept a very similar design ever since. For 2023, Acura offers the RDX A-spec trim level as the entry-level model, offering a 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder.

Acura always focuses on offering a great variety of tech and options and the smaller RDX is no exception. You’ll find features Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charger, heads-up display, and True Touchpad Interface available on your RDX.

The RDX, being an Acura, will come with a more sport-tuned drive with an assortment of handling-aiding features. Like the Corsair, the RDX comes with adjustable drive modes to cater to your driving style.


How does the Corsair compare?

The RDX is a little less relaxing than you’d hope

One of the drawbacks of the RDX is its focus on providing a sporty drive. A lot of the upgrades you may find on the A-spec are merely visual enhancements, not gaining any true performance. A Lincoln will provide a much more calming ride with a focus on soothing luxuries rather than an artificially harshened ride. Nothing is more offputting than a bumpy, noisy commute to work every day. The Corsair is built from the ground up to provide the driver with the most relaxing experience possible with features like Active Noise Control and Acoustic Laminated Glass that help remove you from the outside world.

Features of the Lexus NX

The Lexus lineup features bold and sharp body styling, and only differentiates itself between models by increasing size seemingly. The Lexus NX receives ok fuel economy out of the box with 9.4L/ 100km city.

Lexus has always worked to introduce the latest tech into their cars. The base model NX comes with features like a heated steering wheel, blind spot monitoring, AWD, Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Remote Connect and more. These features keep you connected and integrated into your Lexus NX.

The Lexus NX lets you choose between 4 different powertrain options. This is great if you’re looking for something that other manufacturers aren’t offering. The Lexus NX is also known to have relatively nice spacing for a compact luxury SUV.


How does the Corsair compare?

You’ll fall asleep at the wheel for the wrong reasons.

While the Lexus NX isn’t overly relaxing, it isn’t making up for it in the dynamics either. The drive is relatively noisy and stiffer than some would like due to the budget-friendly suspension and lack of quality sound deadening. Lincoln doesn’t leave much to be desired as their focus o comfort and luxury takes precedence over what many manufacturers spend their time trying to perfect. The only redeeming factor about the NX is the fact that you have too many choices in the drivetrain you can option. Lincoln offers the best out of the gate with a very fuel-efficient 2.0L Turbo I-4, and a hybrid 2.5L I-4 as well, and that’s it.

Features of the Audi Q3

The Audi SUV lineup has been distinguishable for years now with only minor changes over time. Audi SUVs, like the Q3, tend to have softer styling and are quite understated which some may like. there are always options to add styling packs but those generally only offer visual enhancements.

Audi tech has always been a strong suit as they tend to, alongside the other German manufacturers, pioneer exciting new automotive tech advancements. These features will often make it into their flagship models and slowly trickle down to their more affordable vehicles over time.

The Q3 is a very small compact luxury SUV by nature and has a sloping roofline causing taller backseat passengers to have to duck. Due to this “trendy” design, there is reduced cargo space compared to its non-sloped roof design competitors.


How does the Corsair compare?

You’re paying for the logo.

If 4 rings matter to you, the Audi Q3 is for you. The Audi offers quite limited in way of standard features which is a common occurrence among German rivals. This means you’ll likely be paying an arm and a leg for every little feature until you pony up to a higher trim level and model. The Audi by nature is going to give you a slightly enthusiastic drive if you’re ok with a slow engine and noticeable turbo lag. The Corsair remedies all this, with a refined and distinct drive experience, providing all the comfort features you’d want. The Corsair will give you that performance and sporty drive when needed with its Lincoln Drive Modes to help elevate driving dynamics.

Features of the Cadillac XT4

The Cadillac XT4 boasts sharp and angular designs with a somewhat sporty appearance. This design language also translates to the interior with an angular dashboard and sharp shapes throughout. Modern Cadillac styling has definitely placed a focus on sharper styling and moved away from their round and bubbly and continues to put out exciting new designs.

The XT4 comes standard with a Turbo 4-cylinder and pushes out a solid 235hp paired to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The goal of the XT4 is to provide a relatively sporty experience inside and out while accommodating the luxury tech that you’d come to expect at this price point.

The XT4 has been placed in a highly competitive and rapidly growing market segment, and in some lights doesn’t seem as sure-footed as others. It has plenty of room given the segment and has very modern and sharp styling, but in some places falls behind. This is most notable in the interior with its design and materials.


How does the Corsair compare?

More a Chevy than a Cadillac

Most individuals would agree that the Cadillac XT4 is a good-looking compact luxury SUV. Those same individuals would likely also agree that the XT4 feels less like a luxury SUV and more like an economy SUV made by its American Muscle counterpart, Chevy. The interior features an abundance of cheap plastics all over and limited leather scattered throughout. The buttons and switches don’t feel very substantial and are quite flimsy at times. The Corsair uses high-quality leather in all the right places, and robust feeling buttons to bring the interior quality above its American competition.

The Results

This segment is filled with manufacturers pushing the idea of an overly sporty and performing SUV that honestly isn’t sporty, and can’t perform. Every vehicle in this segment faces the same issues of stiff suspension, wheels that are too large, cabins that are too noisy, and slow engines. The only one that shows any sign of dynamic engineering is the Audi, but as you know, that vehicle comes at a cost.

The Lincoln Corsair comes out of the left field, dropping all the preconceived notions about this segment. The Corsair sets out to build a sanctuary around the driver, enveloping them in a quiet and relaxing space to get home in comfort. There are no frills with the Corsair, no “sport-tuned” suspension, no overly large wheels, no lack of sound deadening, and most importantly, no sporty packages that don’t do anything. You’ll only find packages that add more comfort features and enhance the level of calmness on the drive, rather than raising the price and not receiving any real, tangible benefit.

There are many reasons to choose the Lincoln Corsair over the competition, so let our outstanding staff help you find the right Corsair for you. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a test drive and experience the luxury and performance of the Lincoln Corsair firsthand.

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